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Chemical and organoleptic characterization of Italian monovarietal olive oils

The safeguard of olive germplasm represents an important aim which each country are pursuing. Italian autochthonous olive germplasm is very rich and it is represented by 822 cultivars which are still increased (Fiorino et al., 2005); this is also demonstrated by the continuous enhance of monovarietal olive oils participating to the Italian National Review of Monovarietal olive oil organized in Marche Region. In the last three years (2005-2007) 720 olive oil samples (proper to 81 varieties) originating from 17 different Italian regions, were submitted to chemical analysis and Panel test by ASSAM regional panel. A profile sheet was set up including three sections responsible of the collection of visual, olfactory and retro-olfactory parameters, respectively. Fatty acid composition was also determined. Techniques based on cluster analyses has been applied in order to describe the high number of olive oil typologies. This study represents an approach to define the chemical and sensory features of Italian monovarietal olive oils. Three years of investigation shows the high variability of chemical and sensory profiles of Italian monovarietal olive oils demonstrating the richness of the genetic olive patrimony.

chem_organ_charact_monovar.pdf — PDF document, 181Kb

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